Pear & Blue Cheese

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Pear & Blue Cheese | 2010 Dry Riesling (March 2013)

This wine pairing is sublime, not just putting together quality ingredients but integrating them to create a pairing that transcends the sum of its parts.  We originally created this pairing for our Valentine's Day Wine & Dessert Pairing Event. Our 2010 Riesling has notes of pear and a refreshing acidity that can stand up to bold cheese.  Starting with this foundation, we headed to Cured in Boulder to pick up some MM Local Paonia Canned Pears and look for a blue cheese recommendation: the Crater Lake Blue was perfect. You can also pick up a bottle of our 2010 Riesling at Cured while you're there. Next stop we made our way to Oliverde Oil.  We began experimenting with their extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, and even saba. To our surprise, white truffle oil did not work, but the black truffle oil (produced by extended steeping of ripe truffles in olive oil): magic!  Given this dish's role as a dessert we next considered vinegar, which would tend to give a sense of sweet to our otherwise very dry Riesling. Our Riesling typically pairs well with 'cold tasting' foods, including ginger, which made the Ginger Pear Rice Vinegar a natural fit and a second truly magical pairing.  This is what wine & food pairing is about, we couldn't choose, and we recommend pairing the Riesling two ways.  

  • MM Local Paonia Pears
  • Crater Lake Blue Cheese
  • Drizzle
    • Oliverde Black Truffle Oil
    • Sparrow Lane Ginger Pear Rice Vinegar

Chop the pears and plate them upon two separate dishes. Crumble the blue cheese over the pears. Drizzle one dish with the black truffle oil and the other dish with the ginger pear rice vinegar. We recommend serving the 2010 Riesling at 52F where it exhibits the bouquet of wet stone and will transition to fruit as it warms & aerates.

Buon Appetito!

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  • Date Published: 03/28/2013
  • Categories: Dry Riesling

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