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A passion for learning about wine: Grow. Make. Appreciate. Want to read, gather, sip, and learn with us? Join the Boulder Wine Reads!

Oenology & Winemaking

Handbook of Enology : Volume 1
The Microbiology of Wine and Vinification
Pascal Ribereau-Gayon, Denis Dubourdieu, Bernard Doneche, Aline Lonvaud (2000)
Handbook of Enology : Volume 2
The Chemistry of Wine Stabilization and Treatments
Pascal Ribereau-Gayon, Y. Glories, A. Maujean, Denis Dubourdieu (2000)
Principles and Practices of Winemaking
Boulton, Singleton, Bisson & Kunkee (1996)
Wine Analysis and Production
Zoecklein, Fugelsang, Gump, Nury (1999)
Monitoring the Winemaking Process from Grapes to Wine
Patrick Iland, Nick Bruer, Andrew Ewart, Andrew Markides and John Sitters (2004)
Chemical Analysis of Grapes and Wine
Patrick Iland, Nick Bruer, Greg Edwards, Sue Weeks, Eric Wilkes (2004)
Microbiological Analysis of Grapes and Wine
Patrick Iland, Paul Grbin, Martin Grinbergs, Leigh Schmidtke, Alison Soden (2007)
Wine Science
Ronald Jackson (2008)
Winery Technology and Operations
Yair Margalit (2005)
Knowing and Making Wine
Emile Peynaud (1984)
Cooperage for Winemakers
Geoffery Schahinger and Bryce Rankine (2005)
Introduction to Winemaking (V&E 3)
C.P. Meredith,A.L. Waterhouse, D.O. Adams (2002)
Wine Production (VEN124)
Linda Bisson (2005)
Quality Control & Analysis (VEN 123/128)
B. Trela (2005)
Concepts in Wine Chemistry
Yair Margalit (2004)
Wine Microbiology
Fugelsang, Edwards (2007)
Introduction to Wine Laboratory Practices & Procedures
Jean L. Jacobson (2006)
La Cantina Ideale Fare Vino e Distillati
Concepts in Wine Technology
Yair Margalit, Ph.D. (2004)
Wine Faults: Causes, Effects, Cures
John Hudelson, Ph.D. (2011)
Postmodern Winemaking
Clark Smith (2013)

Viticulture & Winegrowing

General Viticulture
A. J. Winkler (1974)
The Grape Grower
Lon Rombough (2002)
Wine from Sky to Earth
Nicolas Joly (2005)
Biodynamic Wines
Monty Waldin (2004)
Agriculture Course
Rudolf Steiner (1958)
Grape Varieties
Pierre Galet (2002)
Soils for Fine Wines
Robert E White (2003)
Growing Grapes in Short Season, Cool Climates
Jim Bruce (2006)
Oregon Viticulture
Edward Hellman (2003)
Northern Winework
Thomas Plocher (2003)
Growing Wine Grapes
The American Wine Society (2003)

Wine History

Inventing Wine
Paul Lukacs (2012)
Ancient Wine
Patrick E. McGovern (2003)
The Story of Wine
Hugh Johnson (2004)
The Botanist and the Vintner
Christie Campbell (2006)
Wine - The 8,000-Year-Old Story of the Wine Trade
Thomas Pellechia (2006)
Don & Petie Kladstrup (2005)
Judgement of Paris
George M. Taber (2005)
Thomas Jefferson on Wine
John Hailman (2006)

Wine Appreciation

How to Taste
Jancis Robinson (2008)
The Art and Science of Wine
James Halliday & Hugh Johnson (2007)
Taste Buds and Molecules
François Chartier (2012)
Wine Folly
Madeline Pickette & Justin Hammock (2015)
All About Wine Cellars
Howard G. Goldberg (2004)
Cellaring Wine
Jeff Cox (2003)
The Oxford Companion to Wine
Jancis Robinson (2006)
The World Atlas of Wine
Hugh Johnson, Jancis Robinson (2005)
The Vintner's Art
Hugh Johnson & James Halliday (1992)
The Taste of Wine
Emile Peynaud (2nd 1996)
The Science of Wine
Jamie Goode (2005)
The World Encyclopedia of Wine
Stuart Walton (2005)
The Companion to the Wines of North America
Bruce Cass, Jancis Robinson (2000)
Wine A Scientific Exporation
Merton Sandler, Roger Pinder (2003)
The Wine Bible
Karen MacNeil (2001)
North American Pinot noir
John Winthrop Haeger (2004)
The New France
Andrew Jefford (2006)
Burgundy and Its Wines
Nicholas Faith (2002)
The New Spain
John Radford (2008)
Wine Tasting - A Professional Handbook
Ronald S Jackson (2002)
The Geography of Wine
Brian J. Sommers (2008)
Passion for Pinot
Jordon Mackay (2009)
The Wines of the Northern Rhone
John Livingstone-Learmonth (2005)
Wine Grape Varietal Table
Steve De Long, Deborah De Long (2005)
Questions of Taste: The Philosophy of Wine
Barry C Smith (2009)
Grapes & Wines: A Comprehensive Guide to Varieties and Flavours
Oz Clarke (2010)
The Great Domaines of Burgundy
Remington Norman & Charles Taylor (2010)

Wine Business

Wine Investment for Portfolio Diversification
Mahesh Kumar (2005)
The Business of Wine: An Encyclopedia
Geralyn G. Brostrom, Jack Brostrom (2008)
Wine Marketing & Sales
Paul Wagner, Janeen Olsen, and Liz Thach (2007)
Harvests of Joy
Robert Mondavi (1999)

Wine Reads

Tangled Vines
Frances Dinkelspiel (2015)
Shadows in the Vineyard: The True Story of the Plot to Poison the World's Greatest Wine
Maximillian Potter (2014)
The Road to Burgundy: The Unlikely Story of an American Making Wine and a New Life in France
Ray Walker (2014)
The Hills of Chianti: The Story of a Tuscan Winemaking Family, in Seven Bottles
Piero Antinori (2014)
Adventures on the Wine Route
Kermit Lynch (2013)
Reflections of a Wine Merchant
Neal Rosenthal (2009)
A Vineyard in my Glass
Gerald Asher (2012)
Extremely Pale Rosé
Jamie Ivey (2007)
Shadows in the Vineyard: The True Story of the Plot to Poison the World's Greatest Wine
Maximillian Potter (2014)
Authentic Wine: Toward Natural and Sustainable Winemaking
Jamie Goode and Sam Harrop MW (2011)
Voodoo Vintners: Oregon's Astonishing Biodynamic Winegrowers
Katherine Cole (2011)
PJ & CK (2014)
The Wine Savant
Michael Steinberger (2013)
Is This Bottle Corked?
Kathleen Burk & Michael Bywater (2008)
Vineyard Tales
Gerald Asher (1996)
The Drops of God, Volume 1
Tadashi Agi and Shu Okimoto (2011)
The Drops of God, Volume 2
Tadashi Agi and Shu Okimoto (2011)
The Drops of God, Volume 3
Tadashi Agi and Shu Okimoto (2012)
Naked Wine
Alice Feiring (2011)
Reading Between The Wines
Terry Theise (2010)
Been Doon So Long
Randall Grahm (2009)
Wine's Hidden Beauty
Sondra Barrett (2009)
BioDynamic Wine Demystified
Nicolas Joly (2008)
The Billionaire's Vinegar
Benjamin Wallace (2008)
The Boys Up North
Paul Pintarich (1997)
At Home in the Vineyard: Cultivating a Winery, an Industry, and a Life
Susan Sokol Blosser (2006)
The Accidental Connoisseur
Lawrence Osborne (2004)
The Grail
Brian Doyle (2006)
A Wine Miscellany
Graham Harding (2006)
Romancing the Vine
Alan Tardi (2006)
A Hedonist in the Cellar - Adventures in Wine
Jay McInerney (2006)
The Good Life
David G. White (2007)
To Cork or Not To Cork
George M. Taber (2007)
The Heartbreak Grape
Marq de Villiers (2007)
Real Wine
Patrick Mathews (2000)

Wine Travel

Oregon Wine Country
John Doerper (2004)
Northwest Wine Country
Kathleen & Gerald Hill (2004)
Pacific Northwest - The Ultimate Winery Guide
Christina Melander (2007)
Oregon: The Taste of Wine
Janis Miglavs (2008)
A Traveler's Wine Guide to Germany
Kerry Brady Stewart (1998)
The Wines of Britain and Ireland
Stephen Skelton (2001)
Hubrecht Duijker (2000)

Italian Wine

Vino Italiano
Joseph Bastianich and David Lynch (2002)
The New Italy
Mitchell Beazley & Marco Sabellico (2008)
Tuscany and Its Wines
Hugh Johnson (2000)
A Wine Atlas of the Langhe
Carlo Petrini (2002)
Italian Wines
Gambero Rosso/Slow Food (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013)
A Traveler's Wine Guide to Italy
Stephen Hobley (2002)
The Italian Wine Guide
Touring Club Italiano (2004, 1999)
Best Italian Wines
Anderson (2001)
The Finest Wines of Tuscany and Central Italy: A Regional and Village Guide to the Best Wines and Their Producers
Nicholas Belfrage MW (2009)


Extra Virginity - The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil
Tom Mueller (2012)
The Tao of Physics
Fritjof Capra (2010)
The Field
Lynne McTaggart (2003)

Settembre Cellars

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