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  • Cellar-Worthy: We use a top of the line, extra long, cork. Cork has a proven track record to allow a wine to evolve in the cellar. Engineered closures are attempting to replicate the oxygen transmission rate of a top of the line cork closure. In reality, it's unclear oxygen transmission is the defining metric for cork's success.
  • No Plastics & Adhesives: Natural corks are punched from whole slabs of cork bark. Artificial corks are made from petroleum products. Screwcaps use a plastic liner. Conglomerate corks use adhesives. Plastics and adhesives scalp flavors and aromas from wine and leach into the wine.
  • Biodegradable: Corks are natural & biodegradable.
  • Sustainable: Corks are renewable and can be sustainably harvested from cork trees. The bark is shaved off every 10-15 years, grows back, and the harvest repeats.
  • Footprint: The carbon footprint to produce cork is lower than screwcaps and 'petroleum plugs'.
  • Ecosystems: Proper farming of cork tree forests supports ecosystems of both animals and the communities that farm the trees.
  • TCA: By choosing a top quality longer cork, the incidence of TCA (2,4,6-trichloroanisole), the source of 'corked' wines, is reduced. Our cork manufacturer does extensive testing to reduce the incidence of TCA to <0.48%. Studies have indicated lower than the incidence of oxidized wines from excessive oxygen transmission from 'petroleum plugs' or failed seals in screw-caps.

Tasting Room & Winery

Thursday - Sunday 1 - 6 PM

From the Oxford Dictionary: "I just checked my watch and it's definitely wine o'clock". Yes, it certainly is.
Settembre Cellars (17 minutes ago)
Taste our 2010 Sangiovese & 2014 Rosato (Dry Rosé from 100% Colorado Grown Cabernet Franc) at @CuredBoulder today!
Settembre Cellars (5 days ago)
Bottling the 2012 Reserve Sangiovese yesterday inspired checking in on the 2008: cellaring well - drink or hold.
Settembre Cellars (5 days ago)
Fill'er Up! - 2012 Reserve Sangiovese is in the bottle; time for some bottle aging.
Settembre Cellars (5 days ago)
It's almost time! Wine & Wood Fired Pizza at @63rdstfarm this Thursday from 4-7pm! #Boulder #DrinkLocal #Wine #CSA
Settembre Cellars (3 weeks ago)