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Although the spark that started it all came from a grape & a bottle, it could be argued that Settembre Cellars' ignition was fueled by the desire to learn more about wine. Art, science, history, geography, and an intimate human connection to the season & soil beneath our feet, few beverages can match the story wine has to tell. We'd like to invite you to join us on an exploration of this story.

The idea is simple. You like wine, so do we. You also like to read & learn about wine? Let's talk. Whether your interest is purely hedonistic, yes - we'll have a glass and good folks to share it with, or exploring the intricacy of phenolics, minerality, & terroir you're welcome to join us. No expertise is required (in reality few know everything about wine and only those that finally realize they know next to nothing tend to know much of anything).

Here is how it works: our winemaker will select a book, we'll read a section or two (a copy of the book will be made available to read in the Tasting Room at least 2 weeks prior to the event), we'll all gather at the winery, enjoy a glass (or two) of wine, and support each other's desire to learn more about wine.

See our events calendar or goodreads group for the next gathering & wine read selection.

Wine Read Selections

  • October 2014: "To Cork or Not to Cork" (George M. Taber, 2009)
  • November 2014: "Reading Between the Wines" (Terry Theise, 2010)
  • January 2015: "Ancient Wine" (Patrick E. McGovern, 2007)
  • March 2015: "Shadows in the Vineyard" (Maximillian Potter, 2014)
  • April 2015: "Inventing Wine" (Paul Lukacs, 2012)
  • May 2015: "The Accidental Connoisseur" (Lawrence Osborne, 2005)
  • June 2015: "Wine Science" (Jamie Goode, 2014)
  • July 2015: "The Hills of Chianti" (Piero Antinori, 2014)
  • August 2015: "Postmodern Winemaking" (Clark Smith, 2013)
  • September 2015: "The Road to Burgundy" (Ray Walker, 2014)
  • November 2015: "Questions of Taste" (Barry C Smith, 2009)
  • December 2015: "The Botanist and the Vintner" (Christy Campbell, 2006)
  • January 2016: "Real Wine" (Patrick Matthews, 2000)
  • February 2016: "A Vineyard in My Glass" (Gerald Asher, 2012)
  • March 2016: "The Geography of Wine" (Brian Sommers, 2008)
  • April 2016: "At Home in the Vineyard" (Susan Sokol Blosser, 2006)
  • May 2016: "How to Taste" (Jancis Robinson, 2008)
  • June 2016: "Extremely Pale Rosé" (Jamie Ivey, 2007)
  • July 2016: "What is Biodynamic Wine" (Nicolas Joly, 2007)
  • August 2016: "Adventures on the Wine Route" (Kermit Lynch, 2013)
  • September 2016: "Authentic Wine" (Jamie Goode & Sam Harrop, 2013)
  • October 2016: "Reflections of a Wine Merchant" (Neal Rosenthal, 2009)
  • November 2016: "Harvests of Joy" (Robert Mondavi, 1999)
  • December 2016: "Champagne" (Don & Petie Kladstrup, 2006)
  • January 2017: "Tangled Vines" (Frances Dinkelspiel, 2015)
  • March 2017: "Chianti Classico" (Bill Nesto & Frances Di Savino, 2016)
  • May 2017: "Barolo and Barbaresco" (Kerin O'Keefe, 2014)

Tasting Room & Winery

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