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We balance art, science, & patience to produce nuanced wines of elegance, balance, & depth.


Blake and Tracy Eliasson have been handcrafting elegant, food-friendly wines from 100% Colorado Grown Grapes since 2007. With an uncompromising commitment to quality, and winemaking techniques influenced by winemakers in Italy and France, their wines showcase the unique terroir of Colorado’s high altitude vineyards. By waiting until 2009 to release their first wines Settembre Cellars laid a foundation that allows for significant bottle aging prior to release and demonstrates that Colorado can produce nuanced wines of elegance, balance, and depth.


Owners Blake & Tracy fell in love eating & drinking Italian food & wine. We made homemade pasta and basil pesto on our second date. We were married in September & honeymooned in Italy. Settembre is Italian for September, a name that honors these influences.


Art. Science. Patience.

Enology is the science winemaking. Part art and part science, the study of wine is a passion for Settembre winemaker Blake. With a Certificate in Enology and Viticulture from UC Davis in California, in addition to his PhD in Electrical Engineering, Blake carefully measures and monitors his wine, using a combination of scientific and sensory methods to constantly understand its evolving state. Settembre Cellars strives to craft exquisite wines in a manner that supports a Colorado grape in reaching its inherent potential while letting the vine's seasonal story develop and be expressed. Fermentation in stainless steel tanks allows us to delay press and fully translate a grape’s place to bottle (extended maceration is virtually unheard of in wineries where quick rotation of tanks is demanded by economic influences). French oak barrels are used to achieve an elegant integration of oak and wine. Our wines are unfiltered and bottle-aged prior to release, allowing the wine to properly develop first.


Colorado Grapes

We've used 100% Colorado Grapes for every vintage. Sourcing from out of state is often easier, and more affordable, but we are commited to Colorado. We believe Colorado Grapes can yield world class wines, & we aim to be among the group of wineries that demonstrate it.

The Grapes Call the Shots

With one stainless tank per harvest the grapes call the shots, not fermentation logistics.

Hand Sort

Not once, but twice. Only the best clusters reach the crusher destemmer and once crushed the jacks are removed. We work at a slower pace (hours per ton, not tons per hour during crush) but are convinced the attention to detail at this step is important to our final goals.


Bucket Brigade

Rudimentary? Perhaps, but also the absolute gentlest way to move crushed grapes to the fermentation tank.

Stainless Steel & French Oak

Fermentations take place in stainelss steel or French Oak barrel to avoid leaching and scalping from plastics.

Extended Maceration

Press is delayed, often for up to 2 months, to allow structure and a sense of place to be reflected in the bottle.


Gentle Press

A small, and extremely gentle, stainless steel press extracts only the finest free-run and first pressings from the grapes.

French Oak Barrels

With a precise target of elegance & finesse, new French Oak barrels are purchased each year to ferment the Chardonnay and then used to age the red wines.


Our wines are unfiltered, rather time & patience are used to clarify wines & ensure the nuance makes it into the bottle.



Our motto, use science to measure and understand the continual evolution of wine in order to guide the timing of traditional winemaking techniques.


Our wines are bottled with top of the line, extra long, premium cork closure. Not only renewable & biodegradable cork allows a wine to evolve in the cellar.

Bottle Age

No wine before its time; we bottle age our wines prior to release.


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Tasting Room & Winery

Friday - Sunday 1 - 6 PM

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