Following a Pre-Release party for our Friends & Family Club Members Settembre Cellars made its public debut at the Swallow Hill Wine Festival in Denver Colorado this past Sunday. The combination of Music, Food, and Colorado wine, made this a fun venue to pour. We brought with us to the tasting the Barrel Fermented Chardonnay, Sangiovese Rosato, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon; all from the 2007 vintage. As a winemaker, it brings me great joy to see folks eyes light up when having their first experience with our wines. I'm excited about the potential of Colorado wines and we strive to make our wines impress.

For me it's really interesting to see and hear folks preference in wine styles. Our wines are focused to particular traditional old-world styles but in such a manner to showcase the vineyard; in many cases this resonates with what people are looking for. Several folks who felt they didn't like Chardonnay are surprised to find it's not the grape, but the style they have been exposed to, that they dislike. For the Barrel Fermented Chardonnay, we fermented in French Oak barrels to impart flavor, aroma, and mouth feel. The barrel used was specifically chosen to minimize vanilla in the wine's profile and after fermentation the wine was aged in stainless steel to avoid dominance of the oak in the finished wine. I enjoy crisp whites, and as such chose to avoid malolactic fermentation for the Chardonnay. Malolactic fermentation is a process whereby malic acid (think granny smith apples) is converted to lactic acid (think milk) and can lead to Diacetyl (think butter). The range of wine styles is one of the the things that makes wine fascinating, just like personalities, there are many!

We were asked by several folks at the event where they can find our wines. Our present intention is to distribute our wines as directly as possible: from us to you. Our wines are available at several upcoming tasting events and via the website (through both bicycle delivery and FedEx shipping options). We'll keep you posted as we explore additional collaborations and opportunities to sample and purchase our wines. The next tasting opportunity will be at the Taste of Spring in Boulder (see our events page), this is a great opportunity to taste some local Colorado Wine and Mead. We hope to see you there!

Cheers, -Blake.