Newsletter Vol. 3 No. 1

  June 2011      

In The News
Denver Magazine's weekly online Blog focusing on Colorado Wines recently featured Settembre Cellars.  We were truly saddened to see Denver Magazine recently close its doors; fortunately you can find all of Jacob Harkins's Colorado Wine writings, including this feature, on Colorado Wino: Building a Cult Winery in Colorado.

Top Front Range Winery
Settembre Cellars named named the Editor's Pick for Top Front Range Winery.  We are extremely honored.

You can find these, and all other articles featuring Settembre Cellars on our website under In The News.

We've been quite pleased with the results of our Boulder-Grown 80304 Wine.  The 80304 vineyard was planted in 2005 and was initially an experiment: take a grapevine that is well suited to our climate and then treat it with the same care we give a premium vinifera.  We've been working with these grapes to produce the best wine it can, and after several vintages of carefully watching what the vineyard has to offer we have something special in the works for the 2010 vintage.  Building on these efforts we've begun a new joint project with 63rd Street Farm and planted a second Boulder vineyard this spring.  The picture below shows a portion of the upper rows shortly after planting (the vines are located at the bamboo stakes and the metal posts & string served to align the rows and space the vines).  Fifty of the vines are in the ground so far, and we'll plant the second half after the spring rains subside.  The first several years the vines will be trained, and fruit removed, to allow the vine to focus its energy into building its root system.  We have a few ideas based on the vine and its location; we're looking forward trying to manage the canopy in order to optimize the fruit while controlling the vigor of the vine.  It's a really exciting project as we prepare for the 2013 Harvest.

2011 New Boulder Vineyard Planting Many of you may already be on our Crush Crew, for those with an interest in viticulture, the science of growing grapes, new volunteer opportunities will be available in the vineyard as well as the winery.  The Crush Crew is open to all of Settembre Cellars fans: Register for a website account and then choose the Dashboard from your user account to add the Crush Crew to your groups. When you receive an invitation for a volunteer day at the winery, RSVP, spend a morning or afternoon sipping wine while sorting grapes, harvesting grapes, pruning vines, bottling wine, or helping at one of our events and you're in. Folks who participate in one of these volunteer work days become members of our Friends and Family Club.  For current members, we'll be sending out invitations for the 2011 Friends & Family Club Party within the coming weeks. 

2009/2010 Vintage
We're continuing to work on offsetting our production to coincide with our philosophies on wine: no wine before its time.  As you've probably noticed our vintage releases have a lag, this is partially exercising patience in preparing the wines for bottle, and secondly not releasing until after the wines have had a time to cellar while adjusting to the bottle (yes, bottle shock is a real phenomena).  We've further begun shifting part of our 2009 Red Wines to a longer barrel aging program.  We have only considered purchasing new French Oak barrels in our production, and some of our original barrels are now approaching neutral, which means they are ideal for extended aging of wine without imparting excessive Oak. 

Meanwhile, last fall's release of the 2008 Red Wines and 2009 White Wines have made lovely strides in maturity during their winter bottle aging and continue to improve.  One of the great joys of wine is watching it evolve with time, not only in the glass, but with proper cellaring.  With the exception of the 2008 Sangiovese, which has sold out, we've been cellaring a bottle just for you...


Taste of Pearl was once again a sold out event. If you missed out, we encourage you to keep an eye out for next year's event.  This hometown event is one of our favorites.  Some of Colorado's finest wineries & Boulder restaurants join forces on Pearl Street Mall.

Taste of PearlThis September, at least if your not a winemaker up to your ears in grapes, it's time for a road trip to the Grand Valley AVA, home to Colorado's largest concentration of land under vine and the largest Colorado Wine Festival: Colorado Winefest in Palisade (Saturday September 17, 2011).

Keep an eye on our website for announcements of future  Events that are in the works in addition to other opportunities to Taste.

Colorado Wine Week
Governor John Hickenlooper has declared the week of June 5, 2011 Colorado Wine Week.  We're offering 30% off of our already discounted FedEx shipping rates to make getting your celebratory bottle even easier; or if you're in Boulder, consider our most economical and sustainable option: Bicycle Delivery.

Folks often ask where to find Settembre Cellars wine.  We have updated our website to include the Restaurants which offer our wines by the bottle on their wine list; next time your in Boulder, consider dining with Settembre Cellars Wine at some of Boulder's Finest Restaurants.

If you'd rather pair our wines with your own culinary creations we offer Bicycle Delivery to most Boulder Addresses.  In addition, we ship wine throughout Colorado, California, Oregon, and North Dakota via FedEx.  Visit our WineShop to see our current releases and order today!

Winemaker's Blog
When dining out we typically go straight to the wine by the bottle list: both for the generally higher quality and more unique offerings. Recently our winemaker has been ordering more wine by the glass, and has the black and blue olfactory receptors to prove it. Here  are our suggestions on surviving the Wine by the Glass List at restaurants.

2011 CSW
2011 80304 Vineyard BudbreakWe've really enjoyed pairing with 63rd Street Farm in their inaugural CSA season. Not only did we stock up on winter squash and fantastic Boulder Grown vegetables, we've met some great folks, and have really enjoyed the Thursday Evenings on the farm and wood fired pizza throughout the season. We have released our 2011 CSW Wine Shares, which include your opportunity to get your own bottle of Boulder's most exclusive wines, our über local 80304, which is grown in our tiny North Boulder backyard. Here's how it all works.  Sign up for a 2011 Wine Share and then beginning in June when you visit the farm pick up your bottle of Settembre Cellars wine.  Your wine share will be distributed throughout the season, scheduled according to your share size (with the largest share providing about a bottle a week).  The wood fired pizza oven will be turning out pizza made with ingredients from Laudisio Italian Restaurant in Boulder and topped with farm fresh vegetables from 63rd Street Farm.  We'll be there with wine available by the glass and bottle; bring a blanket and enjoy one of the most relaxing outdoor dining experiences in Boulder.  We'd love to have you join us for what is undoubtedly one of the most unique local CSA experiences around.  Also, last we inquired 63rd Street Farm has a few CSA shares remaining for 2011.

Pairing Suggestions
As the sun continues to light the sky later into the evening our thoughts turn toward opportunities to dine outdoors.  Below is one of our favorite grilling options and it's a dish that is snatched up by both carnivores and herbivores alike.

2008 Settembre Cellars Mesa Cabernet & Grilled Portobello Mushrooms
Grilled Mushrooms: IngredientsGrilled Mushrooms: Ready To GrillGrilled Mushrooms: Buon Apetito!
  • 6 Portobello Mushrooms
  • 2 Heirloom Tomatoes
  • 4 oz Goat Cheese (a Herbs de Provence variety, if available)
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Sea Salt
  • Lemon Pepper

Begin by removing the stalk of the Portobello mushroom and brushing clean.  Cut a piece of tinfoil sufficiently sized to fully wrap the mushroom and lay beneath, with the veins of the mushroom pointing upward.  Put the extra virgin olive oil in a small dish, sprinkle with sea salt, stir, and then brush onto the mushrooms veins.  Slice the heirloom tomato and lay it upon the mushroom (use a sufficient cut(s) to cover the mushroom).  Crumble some of the goat cheese on top of the tomato.  We find the Herbes de Provence Chevre from Colorado's Haystack Mountain Dairy works quite well for this dish.  Sprinkle the top with Lemon Pepper and wrap the foil over the top of the mushroom and seal with a twist.  Place the foiled mushrooms on the grill.  Timing is critical: one wants the mushrooms to release their juice and pierce easily with a fork.  If grilled too long, the mushroom juice will evaporate and the mushroom itself will dehydrate.  Transfer the mushroom to the serving dish and then drizzle the top with the mushroom juice on the bottom of the foil.  Our 2008 Mesa Cabernet Sauvignon is a wine with good tannic structure and a beautiful restrained elegance that really pairs well with mushrooms.  Buon Appetito!

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Once again we hope you've enjoyed the latest edition of Settembre Cellars Newsletter and are having a wonderful spring.  We look forward to seeing you all at one of our summer events or under the stars enjoying a glass of fine Colorado Wine.


Blake, Tracy, & our new family member (perhaps Settembre Cellars future winemaker): Oliver